Domain Hosting and Management
Lonestar Software makes putting your website on the web easy. We will set up your domain on our secure, dedicated server and provide all necessary maintenance to keep your web site up and running with maximum uptime. We'll even register, maintain and configure your domain for you. By making your website turnkey, you can concentrate on running your business, not running your website.


After you have found the right domain and built your site, let your customers e-mail you at your new domain. They expect to send and receive e-mail from you at, not a generic webmail account. With Lonestar Software, you can create as many e-mail addresses as you need at that end in (,, etc).


One of the biggest challenges in creating the right website is generating the content to attract new customers. This task is just as difficult for a Fortune 500 company as it is for a one person operation. Additionally, the web is different than other media. On the web, you use a different voice, different layout, and different style. Our Copywriting team has years of experience writing for the web, but no one knows your business like you do. We will work with you to deveop content that delivers your message to your customers.


Having a unique identity is important to any business. Creating a brand is a different process than other design work. A good brand immediately identifies your business to your customer across any media. Therefore, it needs to be unique, distinctive, and scalable enough to be identifiable on a business card, or small ad, all the way up to a sign or billboard. Lonestar Software has been fortunate to find design talent with years of experience helping companies create their own unique brand. We can use this experience to create a unique brand that will set your company apart.

E-mailor call us today at 972.400.7892 to learn how Lonestar Software can help you grow your business.